Campus Ministry

We believe that the future of our nation is with the youth – students who do not only excel in academia but are spiritually and morally sound. Our ministry embarks on several gospel event tours across various campuses, preaching and counselling students to help strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and to help inoculate them from all the immoral poison the world is exposing them to. Through our campus tours, thousands of students have given their lives to Jesus Christ and are currently serving the Lord in different capacities.

Students from many schools across the country have been receptive to the Word of God through our music missionary work. Not only are we glad that many young people enjoy Gospel music, we also pray that their lives will be guided by the Words of the Song. We are happy when we hear testimonies of what the Lord is doing for young people. This alone encourages us to do more in reaching out to young Ghanaian men and women.

Radio Ministry

One of the ways we reach a large number of ears is through our radio ministry. Our ever growing radio ministry has been well received not only in Ghana but also in parts of Africa. It has also secured a committed fan base in the USA, UK and Canada. Ohemaa Mercy and her Husband Mr Twum Ampofo are the hosts for our very popular morning show-  Arise and Shine, which airs every morning on Neat FM and streams live on Facebook. It’s an intense word and prayer encounter, coupled with powerful worship and prophetic declarations by the anointed duo.

In order to reach out to more souls, the ministry has just launched its own radio station (Royalty Radio), currently streaming on the internet. Send in your testimonies and prayer request or even song requests through this website. We are also open to listener support. If the Lord leads you to send us some donation, we will welcome that to the glory of God. 

Prison Ministry

On the Day of Crucifixion the last person the Lord Jesus saved before he died was a prisoner who has been convicted of stealing. This was a powerful message from our Lord that no life is beyond the reach of God’s power! Do not write anybody off. Besides there are some in jail who were correctly convicted of wrongdoing and there are other in the same jail who may have been wrongfully convicted. You never know. There were 3 men crucified on that day. One in the middle was wrongfully convicted.

We envision a future in which countless prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, are redeemed, restored, and reconciled through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, the word of God is spread in jails and prisons throughout the nation. If you are moved by the Lord to donate to this ministry please visit our donation page and send us something to support.