Ohemaa Mercy, Nacy, Joe Speak Against Profane Songs

Gospel musicians, Ohemaa Mercy, Nacy and Joe Mettle have added their voice to calls by the Musicians Union of Ghana, MUSIGA telling musicians and songwriters to desist from writing profane songs. The three renowned gospel musicians over the weekend at the launch of Ohemaa Mercy Ministries speaking to Hitz FM news condemned such songs. They pleaded with their colleagues to write songs that will benefit the society.

Ohemaa Mercy opined that desisting from such music would help the music industry grow.

Morally, it is bad. I believe that there are many ways you can come out with a song without profane words. I believe that if we desist from such act, it is going to help this industry.

I believe in discipline. Also I believe in people that really respect themselves and know what this business is about.

Joe Mettle added that a musician loses respect in the sight of his followers when he starts to release profane songs.

“If you speak profanity, people will not give you that kind of respect you need because there are kids that love the music and when we do that, that is the kind of generation we are raising which is not the best.

In other parts of the world, there are restrictions. You can’t go beyond a certain point when it comes to lyrics if not your song will be cut off from the market. If we can do that, it will help”.

Music producer and leader of No Tribe music group, Nacy advised, “we should think of the next generation in whatever we do if it is good for them. If it is not for a certain age to consume it, advise yourself”.

Source — http://latestnewsghana.com/

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